Funeral Homes in Beaver Falls, PA and Chippewa PA

Our Funeral Homes located in Beaver Falls & Chippewa, PA

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Beaver Falls, PA

1326 Eighth Avenue
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010
Phone: 724-846-1160
Sara Zon, Supervisor

Chippewa, PA

2618 Darlington Road
Chippewa, Pennsylvania 15010
Phone: 724-843-2500
Randy R. Wheeler, Supervisor

Monuments offered by Design Monuments Company

Since 1974, our monument company, Design Monuments Company has proudly served Western Pennsylvanian families with the very important selection of memorialization ensuring quality service and affordability.

Finding that perfect memorialization for your loved one is important!

Pet Loss Services by Beloved Pet Cremations, LLC

Your pet was a member of your family and you care very much what happens to him or her now.

We take great pride in the service we are able to offer and will always treat your pet with the utmost respect and dignity.

It is our mission to help you with this very important decision at a most difficult time.

Click here to learn more about Pet Loss Services and please know that we are here for you...

The Services provided by Campbell Family Funeral Homes

Campbell Family Funeral Homes is very proud to offer a variety of  services to the people that we serve. Here are just some of the many services that we provide: