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1326 Eighth AvenueA.D. Campbell Funeral Home Inc. located in Beaver Falls PA 
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010
Phone: 724-846-1160
​Sara Zon, Supervisor

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A.D. Campbell Funeral Home proudly serves the community of Beaver Falls PA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone always has a lot of questions when it comes to death and their mortality.

We have created a directory of questions and answers for you to review.

Feel free to bookmark or print off our Common Questions and Answer page.

If you feel that you have questions left unanswered then please Ask our Funeral Director a question anytime.

Grief Support provided by Campbell Family Funeral Homes

  • Have you recently experienced the loss of a loved one?

  • Are you feeling alone and wondering what you should do?

  • Do you find yourself asking, is this normal?

We understand that you may feel alone when dealing with Grief, and we want to provide you a library of information to help you at your time of need.

Also to let you know you are not alone to deal with your loss, please contact us anytime.